St. Georg zum See


Paragliding at Lake “Achensee”

Lake “Achensee” is very popular with paragliders. The favourable thermic conditions make any paragliding flight an exciting experience, which everyone can enjoy thanks to the tandem flights. In the mountains overlooking Lake “Achensee” there are several take-off points, for example, “Mauritzalm” near the top station of “Rofanseilbahn” cable car or “Zwölferkopf” peak overlooking the village of Pertisau.  


You can put trust in the skilfulness of professional pilots for a marvellous tandem flight in good thermic conditions over Lake “Achensee” with breathtaking views over the “Rofan” and “Karwendel” mountains.     

Paragliding in the “Rofan” Mountains

The “Rofan” mountains are a demanding paragliding site as to the atmospheric conditions, providing, however, the opportunity for long distance flights. Due to the proximity to the lake, the area is an excellent testing terrain for manufacturers of paragliding products and for safety training. Beware of the upslope winds in the landing area.

Paragliding in the “Karwendel” Mountains

The “Karwendel” paragliding area in Pertisau on the shore of Lake “Achensee” is suitable for paragliding courses and soaring flights as well as for safety training. Beware of upslope winds in the landing area.

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