St. Georg zum See

Water sports

Pleasures of Water Sports in the Mountains.

On the shores of Lake “Achensee”, encircled by a majestic mountain scenery, you will find everything you may yearn for, except salt water.  


Lake “Achensee”, stretching over nine kilometres in length, is the largest water body in Tyrol, and therefore is affectionately referred to as the “Tyrolean Ocean”. Given the unique topographic and climatic conditions, the lake is ideal for all kinds of water sports. Seize the opportunity to try your hand at kitesurfing, windsurfing or sailing.  

Lake “Achensee” is one of the most beautiful bathing lakes in Tyrol with the quality of its water being equal to that of drinking water.

Altitude of the lake: 929 metres - Surface: 6.80 km² - Depth: 133 metres - Average water temperature: 19 °C

Outdoor pursuits for adrenaline junkies:  canyoning, rafting, swimming in white water  

Pleasures of bathing

Holiday guests find well-kept beaches in the villages of Achenkirch, Maurach and Pertisau. The shallow water on the southern lakeshore, notably at the “Buchau” beach, is ideal for families. Here the children can safely splash around in the shallow water, which has temperature of 22 °C in summer.

Sailing, Windsurfing & Kitesurfing

Lake “Achensee” boasts most of the time ideal wind conditions, which may become at times challenging. Generally, there is a gentle southerly breeze (1 to 2 on the Beaufort scale) in the morning and a stronger northerly wind (3 to 5 on the Beaufort scale) in the afternoon, which requires power, coordination skills and cleverness to steer the boat or board over the lake.

Stand up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

Get on - Set off - Have fun

This new sport does not require particular fitness or physical abilities. Standing with the legs apart on the oversized surfboard, you can glide over the lake and watch the white sandy bottom through the clear water. The southern tip of Lake “Achensee” with its warm and shallow turquoise-coloured waters near “Buchau” beach provides a Mediterranean feel. Stand up paddle boarding is a suitable water sport for a full-body workout, involving the legs, back, trunk and arms. Depending on the speed and the distance, this sport also helps improve the physical shape.  

Try your hand at it.
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Diving in Tyrol’s Largest Lake

The lake with its wonderful turquoise-coloured water is suitable for water sports above and beneath the waterline. However, since Lake “Achensee” is a private water body, diving is only allowed in designated areas.

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Special Offers

Lake “Achensee” and the local area provide endless opportunities for amazing outdoor pursuits, notably swimming, surfing, walking and climbing. Therefore, the only problem you may be faced with is to make your choice. We have put together some attractive holiday packages for you. Let us inspire you with our ideas.