St. Georg zum See

Culinary delights

Homemade and Local Food

A Healthy and Savoury Cuisine

At the St. Georg zum See Hotel, you can indulge yourself with abundant delicious meals and share convivial culinary experiences. Our head chef Kevin is passionate about making the guests happy with his irresistible culinary temptations. Although favouring the light revitalising cuisine, he does not neglect traditional Austrian dishes and down-to-earth food.


Our kitchen team is second to none when it is about to combine the rustic cuisine with refined modern and light touches.

We are enthusiastic about creating harmonious meals made from fresh ingredients and enriched with herbs and spices. We use crunchy vegetables and fresh fruit, hearty cereals and meat of the highest quality, sourced from local suppliers whenever possible. We can rely on the farmers of the local area to provide us with the best products.



Enjoy our excellent service and indulge yourself with the mouth-watering dishes from our menu, light salads, savoury sausage and a selection of fine traditional starters.
Enjoy your meal!

Halfboard accomodation

The Tyroleans love fine food and convivial gatherings. Let us pamper you with our indulgent half board meals.

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Natural and Precious

The Stinging Nettle at the St. Georg zum See Hotel

For a long time, we have been enthusiastic about the “Wellnessel” products of the “Grüne Vogtei” brand. We are not only convinced of their beneficial effects, but we also love their marvellous taste and flavours.

Our guests can taste the products, for example delicious fruit juices, honey with nettle seeds, called “Süßes Grün” (sweet green), and spices. Once a week, we bake ourselves rye bread and spiced bread with nettle seeds. You will find all these treats at the breakfast buffet.  

The stinging nettle has been praised for a long time for the beneficial effects of its precious substances. As a medicinal plant, it helps enhance the general resilience, equilibrate the acid-base balance, purify the blood, stimulate the blood production and the immune system, strengthen the cardiovascular system and regulate the blood sugar level. Try it for yourself.

The Terrace of the St. Georg Hotel

Perhaps it will soon become your favourite place.

On the sun terrace of our hotel, overlooking Lake “Achensee”, you can soak up stunning panoramic views of the impressive “Karwendelgebirge” and “Rofangebirge” mountain ranges. The emerald green water reflects the surrounding lush mountain slopes and the rock formations.
The scenery is so beautiful that you will not want to leave.


Sheltered from the wind and sun-kissed, the terrace is a marvellous place to spend relaxing hours, unwind, calm down and let the mind wander. You are also welcome there to sip a refreshment or to indulge yourself with an authentic Tyrolean treat. In winter, you can taste a glass of punch cosily wrapped in a warm fluffy blanket.

Our suggestion: sit back on the terrace in the evening to sip a glass of “Alpine Whisky” whilst watching the sun go down over the mountain peaks.

Brandies from Lake “Achensee”

The excellent “Kostenzer” distillery, located in the village of Maurach only a few steps away from our hotel, is really worth a visit. For many years, the distillery has producedexquisite brandies and spirits, including the “Alpine Whisky” and the “Achensee” gin. The distillery, run by Mr Franz Kostenzer, is award-winning.