in the mountains

sea ​​breeze

Crystal clear water in front of a majestic mountain backdrop - and you don't have to go to Emerald Lake in Canada or to the Aurlandsfjord in Norway; for perfect and, above all, diverse water sports, you simply come to Lake Achensee. At Lake Achensee there is always a "breeze" and sometimes a strong wind. It is one of the windiest lakes in Austria and reaches a temperature of up to 22° C in summer. In any case, the Achensee offers all experts among you and those who want to become one the ideal opportunity to familiarize themselves with the elements.


kilometers long and 133m deep. And thus the biggest and deepest lake in Tyrol.


the water quality almost reaching drinking water level. 


47° 27' 25" N
11° 42' 31" O

You are to

    in the right place. 

At the Achensee you will find everything you long for when you dream of the sea. minus salt water. Plus a huge mountain panorama.

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